Icon country USA, Eugene
Icon genre Jazz, Fusion, Saxophone


YamaYama fuses a love for electronica, video game soundtracks, modern jazz and funk, forging a sound that doesn't let the audience forget to dance. Since its foundation nearly five years ago by drummer Merlin Showalter and saxophonist/composer Scott Mitchell, YamaYama continues to refine its sound in the quest for groove. They released their first album, “Party Dog EP,” in the Fall of 2012, showcasing their songwriting and sensitivity in performance through record.

YamaYama is not only musicians music, drawing from sophisticated harmonies, diverse textures and complex time signatures; their mission is to make everyone move their hips and tap their feet. The four-piece ensemble is founded on the belief that music can still be complex and inventive while retaining a pulse and melody that everyone can groove to. They are strongly influenced by performers such as Mark Guiliana, Parliamente Funkadelic, Dapp Theory, Dave Holland Group, Nerve, Joshua Redman, and many more.

In addition to just having a blast and playing music they love, YamaYama also is active in educating younger musicians and helping them do the same. Working at schools, holding clinics, teaching private lessons, and playing at festivals are some of the ways that the band participates in music education.


Scott Mitchell, Alto Saxophone
Nathan Alef, Keyboards
Milo Fultz, Bass
Merlin Showalter, Drums


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