WASD - Shift
Icon human WASD
Icon cd Shift
Icon label No label
Icon calendar January 22 2016
Icon clock 41:35


1. Boot Up [Apogee]
2. Monumental Subterranean eXploration [La-Mulana]
3. The Island of Mêlée [Secret of Monkey Island]
4. Enemy Unknown [X-COM: UFO Defense]
5. Heroes & Hamsters [Baldur's Gate]
6. Not Even Death Can Save You [Diablo]
7. Soviet Power Supreme [C&C: Red Alert]
8. You're Not Supposed to be Here [Half-Life 2]
9. Quadra Kill [Quake 2]
10. Liandri Mining Corporation [Unreal Tournament]


Guest solos on "Soviet Power Supreme" - Ryan "MunzadetH" Munz [1] & M-H [2]

Guest solo on "Not Even Death Can Save You" - VikingGuitar [3]

Narration on "Liandri Mining Corp." - TheShii [4]

Acoustic guitar on "You're Not Supposed To Be Here" - Nick Long


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