Icon human Austin Green (Katamari)
Icon country USA, Maryland
Icon genre Metal


WASD does video game covers. But we aren't playing peasant console music. We play music from the master race... The personal computer.

It's dark. The only light is the glow of your monitor. You've been playing Civ 5 for 14 hours. Maybe it's time to stop? You could go play another game... You have over one hundred games in your Steam library, after all. You could replay Oblivion. Or practice your jumps in TF2. You could save Governor Marley from LeChuck. City 17 seems like it could be a welcoming sight, but the Zerg need to be fought back, also. The path to Baldur's Gate is a long one, but it would be worth the trek. Your Dwarf Fortress needs some additions, and so does your cobblestone generator in Minecraft. Contributing to scientific advances at Aperture would be interesting, but there are traitors that need to be found in Terrorist Town. So many choices... So many soundtracks... So little money for Steam sales...


  • C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA, 2016
  • Shift, 2016
  • Demos, 2013–2015


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