VGM Covers Wikia is a wiki-database dedicated ONLY to VGM Cover Artists (in comparison with other VGM related sites).

This database includes:

  • List of Artists (and even "non VGM Artists" who made VGM covers).
  • Artist pages with links, discography\list of covers and brief information.
  • Search by Genre, Country, Game and any other categories.

DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED (except for those who share their music for free)


Right question. In fact, we have great VGMdb database, but this wiki is intended to have that what VGDdb still doesn't have (if will at all):

  • Search by categories, e.g. Genres. This ability has important practical use. You can find covers played with harp, oboe and saxophone =)
  • Search by Countries. Not so practical use, but interesting.
  • ONLY VGM cover artists. In VGMdb they are not divided from composers of original music. It's just convenient here in this case.
  • Search by GAMES. There is a search by games in VGMdb, but there are not so many games, because only staff can add new ones and they don't hurry to add them all.
  • Search by other categories. It is wiki engine after all.

So, it's not a copy of VGMdb and other VGM related sites, this wikia is created for practical use.

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