Garrett Williams (ULTRANOMICON)
Icon human Garrett Williams
Icon country USA, Antioch
Icon genre Metal


Ultranomicon, originally called Ultrapneumoninomicon, starting producing music in 2006 to preserve classic video game music and to give it modern production. The name was later shortened for the sake of ease of pronunciation and typing. It's music is mostly modern arrangements of classic video game music, but since most classic video game songs are only around one minute long, original parts are usually added as well as guitar solos and keyboard solos. They have also been known to make comedy music with death metal-style vocals, such as a 2008 cover of Boats and Hoes from the movie Step Brothers. The band has one member, Garrett Williams, who plays the role of both guitarist and keyboardist. He is also responsible for the drums and bass, which are created by virtue of midi sequencing.