Icon human ThePlasmas
Icon cd MegaMan 6: An Instrumental Tribute
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2012


01. MM6: Betrayal At The Tournament
02. MM6: Title Screen
03. MM6: Password
04. MM6: Enemy Selection
05. MM6: Wind Man
06. MM6: Flame Man
07. MM6: Blizzard Man
08. MM6: Plant Man
09. MM6: Tomahawk Man
10. MM6: Yamato Man
11. MM6: Knight Man
12. MM6: Centaur Man
13. MM6: Boss
14. MM6: Get Equipped
15. MM6: Mr X Map
16. MM6: Mr X Stage
17. MM6: Dr Wily Map
18. MM6: Dr Wily Stage
19. MM6: Battle Against Wily
20. MM6: Ending
21. GnG: Introduction
22. GnG: Overworld #01
23. GnG: Overworld #02
24. GnG: Overworld #03
25. GnG: Boss Theme
26. GnG: Ending


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