Icon human ThePlasmas
Icon cd Little Nemo: The Dream Album
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2012


01. Welcome To Slumberland - Story Theme
02. The Dream Master - Title Theme
03. Lost In The Mushroom Forest - Mushroom Forest Theme
04. At The Magic Flower Garden - Flower Garden Theme
05. Over The Train, Over The Toys - House Of Toys Theme
06. Under The Night Sea - Night Sea Theme
07. Home Sweet Home - Nemo's House Theme
08. Sky Clouds In Ruins - Cloud Ruins Theme
09. Topurvypsy - Topsy Turvy Theme
10. Where Bad Dreams Dwell - Miniboss Theme
11. Road To The Unknown - Interlude
12. Forbidden Forgotten Land - Nightmare Land Theme
13. Pesadilla Final - Final Boss Theme
14. Dreaming Awake - Ending Theme


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