Icon human Ryan8bit
Icon cd 2010.8.2
Icon label Concatenation Records (CCN023)
Icon calendar 2010


01. Overture 198x
02. Under the Banner of Hate
03. The Solar Radius Will Annihilate Us All
04. Incursion
05. Beware the Elevator
06. Untimely Sensations of Self-Assurance
07. One of Twelve
08. Dogs of the Federation
09. Ascent into Sanguine Skies
10. Descent into the Fray
11. Sans Bionica
12. A Sludge Named Caution
13. Forgotten Numbers
14. On August 2nd, 2010
15. Mechanical Heart of the Enemy
16. Godwin'd by Master-D
17. WWSD (What Would Samus Do?)
18. Escape from Promised Damnation
19. Federation Anthem


This release in collaboration with Good-Evil Records is Ryan8bit's metallic interpretation of the Bionic Commando soundtrack for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


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