Icon human RushJet1
Icon cd Mega Man Remade
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2013
Icon clock 0:40:17


01. Title (Dr. Wily's Revenge)
02. Stage Select
03. Stage Start
04. Cut Man
05. Elec Man
06. Ice Man
07. Fire Man
08. Bomb Man
09. Guts Man
10. Boss
11. Boss Defeated
12. Wily Stage Start
13. Wily Stage 1
14. Yellow Devil
15. Wily Stage Clear (Dr. Wily's Revenge)
16. Wily Stage 2
17. Mega Man Clone
18. Wily Stage 3
19. CWU-01P
20. Enker (Dr. Wily's Revenge)
21. Boss Gauntlet
22. Final Boss
23. I Still Have Enough Power to Destroy You!
24. Epilogue


This is a re-imagining of Mega Man's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.

All tracks arranged by RushJet1 and originally composed by Chanchacorin (Manami Matsumae) for Mega Man, except tracks 1, 15 and 20, composed by Makoto Tomozawa for Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.


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