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Quickshot = Joe Ellis = Guitar Player/Production Music Composer

Before Quickshot, Spread of the Dragon was a project that was formed in 2002 which covered songs from games like Top Gun 2, Batman, Castlevania 2, Double Dragon, and Megaman. The songs were released on a Hard Rock MP3 download site and quickly became top charters once uploaded. Despite the quality being quite horrendous, word broke out and that encouraged the creation of "Quickshot Game Metal".

Quickshot released an 11 track demo album in 2003 entitled 'Demo 2003'. Packed with distortion guitars and drums samples that would leave any glam metal band jealous, the album sent many on a nostalgic time trip. At the time, bands like Minibosses and The Advantage were the leaders, along with solo composers like housethegrate, virt, and Brian Davis. Throughout the years, Quickshot released a handful of singles, some being for the DoD Video Game cover tournament. Recordings of Double Dragon, Megaman 3, and Little Nemo were a big step in the right direction as far as quality of recordings.

Quickshot was featured in a Megaman tribute game for the PC, the popularity of the game is unknown but it was quite an honor to be amongst some of the remixes that were featured on it. From there...the composer of Quickshot Game metal, Joe Ellis, went on to doing 'doujin' video game covers under the alias "Error" and also a soundtrack for a homebrew NES game titled as "Skykeeper". Joe Ellis also played for metal bands With Passion, Light This City, and All Shall Perish.



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