The Naoto Shibata Project was a studio band with revolving performers lead by bass guitarist Naoto Shibata. The group performed arrangements from Konami games for the Perfect Selection Battle series of albums.

  • Naoto Shibata: all arrangement, bass guitar (all albums), guitar (Shooting)

  • Sakamoto: vocals (Snatcher)

  • Masanori Kusakabe: guitar (Dracula)
  • Katsu Ohta: guitar (Snatcher, Dracula II, Shooting II)
  • Akio Shimizu: guitar (Shooting, Dracula)
  • Kazumasa Saitoh: guitar (Dracula II, Shooting II, the Best)
  • Kyoji Kudoh: guitar (Dracula II, Shooting II)

  • Tatsuya Kase: synthesizer (Shooting II)
  • Koichi Seiyama: synthesizer (Dracula II), keyboard (the Best)
  • Yusuke Takahama: synthesizer (Dracula, Snatcher)
  • Jeff Fujimoto: synthesizer (Shooting)

  • Hirotsugu Homma: drums (the Best)



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