Metroid Metal - Other Album
Icon human Metroid Metal
Icon cd Other Album
Icon label Silent Uproar Records
Icon calendar April 08 2014
Icon clock 0:40:43


1.Sector 1 (MF)
2.Torvus Bog (MP2)
3.Tallon Overworld (MP)
4.Sector 4 (MF)
5.The Brood (SM)
6.M2Q (M2)
7.Maridia (SM)
8.Autobot Decepticon Battle (Transformers: The Movie)


'Other Album' is 40 minutes of MM tracks we've been playing live, but didn't exist on an album until now. If the other albums were guitar albums, this is a rhythm section album. It's the most visceral, pounding, and dark album we’ve done - hope you kids enjoy it! <3


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