• Javier Soto
  • Chile
  • Metal


Limaco is a Chilean Musician, Born in Arica.

It has outstanding for participating in different bands of his city as well being social and cultural leader as president of the " Arica's Rock Bands Association".

Limaco Born 2014 as a project that pays tribute to the melodies of their hours of entertainment with video games, playing song ranging from 8-bit consoles to the most current. and its most prominent settlement "Donkey Kong Country 2: diddy's Kong Quest Rock Meadley".

Has he Become know for playing live concerts all over northern Chile and southem Perú, Where He has had high concurrency even they are invited to Tv, Radio and newspaper. It Also has its Youtube's Channel on Youtube Where up some of the songs Playing Live.

By 2016 he began Working on his First album due out this summer with a demo coming out in spring.


File:Limaco final.jpg







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