Kid Overdrive - Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive
Icon human Kid Overdrive
Icon cd Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2006
Icon clock 0:30:53


01. Prologue/Title [MM3]
02. Bubble Man
03. Guts Man [MMTPF]
04. Dr. Wily Stages 1-2 [MM3]
05. Dr. Wily Final Battle [MM6]
06. Flame Stag
07. Sigma Stage 1 [MMX]
08. Flash Man
09. Overdrive Ostrich
10. Crash Man
11. Dr. Wily Stages 1-2 [MM2]
12. Quick Man
13. Dr. Doppler Stages 1-2 [MMX3]
14. Snake Man
15. Wood Man
16. Dr. Wily Stages 3-4 [MM4]
17. Epilogue/Credits [MM2]
18. Game Over [MMX]


Rocked-out Mega Man covers spanning years of the series' games in various genres from metal to funk to reggae.


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