Insert Coin - ...Metal up your NESS!!!
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Icon cd ...Metal up your NESS!!!
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Icon calendar 2008
Icon clock 0:52:57


02. Capcom Presents... (MegaMan X Medley)
03. Title Theme (MegaMan X Medley)
04. Highway (MegaMan X Medley)
05. Stage Select (MegaMan X Medley)
06. Stage Start (MegaMan X Medley)
07. Flame Mammoth (MegaMan X Medley)
08. Storm Eagle (MegaMan X Medley)
09. Spark Mandrill (MegaMan X Medley)
10. Armored Armadillo (MegaMan X Medley)
11. Boomer Kuwanger (MegaMan X Medley)
12. Vampire Killer (Castlevania)
13. Wicked Child (Castlevania)
14. Beginning... (Castlevania)
15. Opening (Allegro) (Suite Donkey Kong)
16. Aquatic Ambience (Adagio) (Suite Donkey Kong)
17. Jungle Groove (Scherzo) (Suite Donkey Kong)
18. Mushroom Kingdom (Poema Sinfonico Super Mario Bros 3)
19. Bowser's Dark Land (Poema Sinfonico Super Mario Bros 3)
20. Castle (Of Filth) (Super Mario World Trailer)


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