Ilp0 - Mega Man Remix Album by ilp0
Icon human ilp0
Icon cd Mega Man Remix Album by ilp0
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2009


01. Mega Man's Happy Place (Stage Select, Elec Man)
02. Gutslaughter (Guts Man, Stage Selected)
03. Cut Man's Lullaby (Cut Man)
04. On The Rocks (Make It Double) (Ice Man)
05. Nightmare With Bombs And Stuff (Bomb Man)
06. Morning Walk In The Burning City (Fire Man)
07. Psychedelectronica (No.3) (Elec Man)
08. Journey Through The Skull Fortress (Wily Stage 1, Boss Battle 1)
09. Dr.Wily-, He Presumed… (Wily Stage 2, Boss Battle 2)
10. Return To The Happy Place (Ending, Stage Select)

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