Icon human Hyde209
Icon cd Strider - Fall of the Grandmaster
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2013


01. Prologue
02. Raid of the Defence Line
03. a Coup
04. Mosque the Cold-Hearted
05. Flying Beasts
06. Uroboros The Iron Ruler
07. Story Segment 1
08. The Siberian Tunnel
09. Driving Wheel
10. One Big Run
11. a Mass of Clouds
12. Wind of Fu-Jin
13. Story Segment 2
14. Stuck in a Short Spin
15. Unusual Gravity
16. Capture the Captain!
17. Story Segment 3
18. Valley River War Drum Encirclement
19. Roaring Giants
20. Amazonian Formidable
21. Story Segment 4
22. Hiryu's Theme
23. Theme for Counterattack
24. Fall of the Grandmaster
25. End of all Evil


"Prologue" is an original composition from Hyde209. All other tracks are tribute of the game Strider, original music from Junko Tamiya (GON). Arranged by Hyde209

"This album is a tribute to my absolute favorite video game of all time. It contains my arrangements of the original game soundtrack and a unique prologue track that I composed myself for the occasion. The main concept behind this album was to give it a flavour of 1989 to sound a bit like music did back when the game was first released. Plus I wanted to expand on the concept of having different languages just like in the game where there's primitive voice samples in the cutscenes between levels. It has been a personal goal of mine to make this album and since CAPCOM are about to reboot the franchise with a new game next year I thought the time was just right for this project. I very much hope that you will enjoy this album."


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