Icon human Hyde209
Icon cd MegaMan 2 - Journey's End Remastered
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2013


01. City Rooftop
02. Selective Vision
03. The Wind in my Hair
04. Bolts Cogs and Gears
05. Feel the Heat
06. Flashing Crystal
07. Beneath the Waves
08. Flying Leaves
09. Speed of Quickness
10. Party Crasher
11. House of my Enemy
12. Growing Fear
13. You ain't my Boss
14. Journey's End


"I made this album back in 2011 and lots of people have since donwloaded it from my YouTube channel. I wanted to re-release it for my bandcamp site so I remastered it with all new equipment for a much higher quality. The creative idea behind this ablum was to convey the feeling of the element behind each of the themes for all eight robot masters. For example I used a lot of wooden instruments and percusion for Woodmans theme. That should give you an idea of what I tried to achieve. I hope you'll enjoy it ^^"


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