Icon human Hyde209
Icon cd Champions Eternal - The Second Chance
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2012


01. Here Comes the Champions
02. Choice for Champions
03. CTF Battle Room
04. Ninja Dance in the Shadows
05. Grity Cyber Fighter
06. Bullseye on the Chest
07. Star of the Circus
08. Fate of the Chosen
09. The Origin of Agriculture
10. Chosen by Atlantis
11. 17th Century Scientist
12. Unwanted Imortality
13. Chicago Chain Swing
14. The Eternal & Devine Being
15. The Second Chance
16. Everything is Lost
17. Taunt Me One Last Time


Champions Eternal – The Second Chance is Hyde209's debut album, an 80 minute epic based on the soundtrack of Eternal Champions, a 2D fighting game released on SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis in 1993. Champions Eternal – The Second Chance is a mix consisting of heavy beats and guitar riffs to convey the intensity of fighting as well as mysterious synth tracks and sombre ballads to capture the feeling of victory and/or defeat. Hyde209 has brought joy and excitement to VGM fans with his video game remixes for three years on YouTube. His style presents a broad variety and taps into many different genres. From alternative rock sounding remixes to ska, 70s rock, funk or jazz sounding tunes.


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