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  • Point on your nick, choose and click My Preferences, then go tab Editing, uncheck Enable visual editor (where available) and check Mark all edits as "minor" by default and Use a blank page as default for creating a new page.
  • Go to My Info tab, Appearance, Layout - choose MonoBook (OPTIONALLY).
  • Add New Page for an Artist (you can enter %Artist name% in search field, click Search and then click "Create the page "%Artist name%" on this wiki!"
  • There are signs {{subst:Artist}} {{subst:Album}} {{subst:Various Artists}} in low part of the page in MonoBook layout and in upper part of the page in Wikia layout.
  • Click on {{subst:Artist}}.

{{subst:Artist}} will appear in edit area.

  • Press Publish.

Template is ready!

  • Press Edit.
  • Fill information according to the pattern. You can just look at another page: Kirby's Dream Band.
  • To upload a picture of band click "Upload photo" on the left toolbox, name it as "Band name.jpg" and upload. Then just copy this Band name.jpg to "|Photo = " in the template. Choose those photos, where all faces can be seen clearly, because we must know how these great people look =) (But it isn't necessary to upload photos)

Detailed description:

((Artist Info
|Photo = Band name.jpg
|Real name = preferably
|Other projects = add them in square brackets [[ ]]
|Alphabetic group = K
|Country = USA (check Countries category to define correct writing). If you add new country in new Artist page add this new country to Countries category.
|City =
|Genre 1 = Rock (it is advisable to check writing of new genre in wikipedia, e.g. Power metal, not Power Metal and so on). If you add new genre in new Artist page add this new genre to Genres category.
|Genre 2 = Synth
|Genre 3 =
... |Genre 10 ))

! Add [­[Category:Disestablished]] at the end of page for disestablished artists.

! Add [­[Category:Non VGM Cover Artists]] at the end of page for non VGM cover artists (those, who composed more original compositions than covers), e.g. Megadeth.

  • You can add sections About, Members and Notes to add relevant information.

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