Do all the same as for an Artist, but click {{subst:Album}}.

  • To upload a picture of band click "Upload photo" on the left toolbox, name it as "Band - Album.jpg" and upload. Then just copy this Band - Album.jpg to "|Photo = " in the template.

Description of template:
((Album Info
|Cover = Year 200X - We Are Error.jpg (You may leave this field blank)
|Artist = Year 200X
|Name = We Are Error
|Label = Use VGMdb link, it is preferably to fill this field
|Catalog Number = You may leave this field blank
|Day and month = You may leave this field blank
|Release year = 2008
|Length = You may leave this field blank

  • Copy tracklist from VGMdb or anywhere else.

Then add Game categories. It would be convenient to switch to Wikia layout. Use correct full game names according to official european releases:

  • Mega Man, not Rockman, Megaman, Mega Man 1.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, not Morrowind.
  • Castlevania, not Akumajō Dracula.
  • Battletoads (NES), not Battletoads, because there are two versions on Arcade and GB of the same name, which must be named Battletoads (Arcade) and Battletoads (GB) accordingly because their music differ from each other.

If the music of port is identical to original console music it's better do not use speciification, e.g. DuckTales instead of DuckTales (NES) and DuckTales (GB) because GB music is an arrangement of NES version.

In some cases there is also no need to specify console, e.g. Darkwing Duck. There is a PC Engine version exists, but the game and music is awful, so nobody cares, that's why we should name the game just Darkwing Duck meaning NES version, of course.

  • Use wikipedia to define correct game name.
  • Add Year category to albums only.

If you add a new game, add it to relevant platform. But it is not necessary.

  • You can also add a Game theme category (e.g. DuckTales - The Moon), but it is difficult situation due to correctness of theme name definition... so let's forget about it.

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