Playing video games can sometimes be hard work. You'll find yourself leveling up for hours, getting stuck on the same boss over and over again, and cussing at the screen after the same n00b killed you for the tenth time. That's why we invite you to sit back, relax, and let us play the game for you... Live!

Final Stage is an eleven-piece band playing fresh, original arrangements of video game music. The goal is to immerse you in the music of the game at the same level you were immersed while playing it. The members of Final Stage were assembled from all over the world to embark on a quest to entertain you. Their unique abilities combine to make a fearsome troupe, capable of out-jamming Sephiroth, Bowser, and Dr. Robotnik combined:

A wild, untamed guitarist with the power of electricity; a mysterious flautist from the Far East with control over the wind; a drummer from the frozen tundra who controls time itself; a beautiful keyboardist whose allure surpasses that of a Greek Siren; a bassist capable of shaking the very Earth on which we stand; a jaded percussionist raised in the shade of the Colombian rain forest; a utilitarian saxophonist possessing the dexterity to wield a variety of weapons; and an army of strings with the telepathic ability to share one mind.

The council of eleven now assembled, their training is complete. They now prepare to enter the Final Stage.


  • Tomoko Akaboshi (Violin)
  • Rika Ikeda (Violin, Electric Violin)
  • Matt Consul (Viola)
  • Michael Dahlberg (Cello)
  • Kazuyo Kuriya (Flute)
  • Zac Zinger (Sax, Clarinet, EWI, Shakuhachi)
  • Kana Dehara (Piano, Keyboard)
  • Brian McCoy (Guitar)
  • Aaron Liao (Bass)
  • Patrick Simard (Drums)
  • Alvaro Morales (Percussion, Drums)


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