Blaster Master Month
Icon cd Blaster Master Month
Icon calendar 2013


01. ansgaros - Mastering the Blaster
02. Danimal Cannon - Pink Tanks Can't Jump
03. The Nate Horsfall Experience - The Jason Frudnick Experience
04. Mutherpluckin' B feat. KGS - Blastin' Through the Years
05. Ivan Hakstok - Blaster Disaster
06. Hyde209 - Search for the Hover Module
07. GearX2 - Radioactive Toad
08. Daniel Alm - Dude, where's my frog
09. Mega Beardo - Jason and the Frogonauts
10. Ryan8bit - Radioactive Waste In My Backyard
11. Katamari - It's Not Neo-80's If The 80's Never Left
12. juef - You and Your Frog Are Dead
13. 7-kurgan-d, Joe Murr - Journeying into the deep to fight that damn Lobster Alien Creature again
99. GearX2 - Rebellion Of The Holy Radioactive SIN Toad


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