Careless Juja represents the collaborations of Juja, Careless, Brandon Strader, and their friends! They are an internet band hailing from around the US (Utah, Florida, West Virginia). Careless and Juja met on Youtube in 2010, recorded a few songs together, and toured the US east coast in 2011 with Random Encounter. Their first album, Pixel Glass, was recorded in under a month on 7 accordions and an assortment of Walmart brand guitars as a means of helping offset some of the costs of touring.

A few years later the duo joined forces with Brandon Strader and successfully crownfunded two albums: Professor Layton and Legend of the Boar Knight. They performed with They Might Be Giants at Nerdapalooza during the release of the Layton album as an 11 piece rock ensemble, and had a sold-out puppet show and rock-music release for Legend of the Boar Knight a few months later. The live puppet show was a collaboration with Peter Pepper and featured the story segments from the Legend of the Boar Knight audio drama.

Careless Juja continued to create a new track almost every month by entering the Dwelling of Duels competition, earning first place two times. In 2017, Careless Juja announced their World Tour Live Album, which would be brought to life as a ten piece rock band. They released the album at a live show in Orlando Florida that featured a guest brass accompanying band. They have been working on more music ever since.


  • Pixel Glass, 2011
  • Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher, 2014
  • Final Fantasy VII Gametabs Tribute Album, 2014
  • Rogue Legacy Reborn, 2014
  • The Legend of Zelda Tribute Album, 2015
  • Legend of the Boar Knight, 2015
  • SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin, 2016
  • Chronicles of Time, 2016
  • Tribute Album 64, 2016
  • For Naughty Children, 2016
  • Hear My Voice (feat. Alexander Graham Bell), 2017
  • Careless Juja World Tour Live Album, 2017
  • Careless Juja - Covers