Icon human Brent Kennedy
Icon cd Super Meat Boy! - Choice Piano Cuts
Icon label No label
Icon calendar 2011
Icon clock 0:35:21


01 Betus Blues (Piano) 2:38
02 The Forest Medley (Piano) 6:03
03 C.H.A.D.'s Lullaby (Piano) 3:32
04 It Ends (Piano) 3:15
05 Meat Golem (Piano) 2:43
06 Ballad of the Burning Squirrel (Piano) 2:59
07 Hot Damned (Piano) 3:04
08 McLarty Party People (Piano) 3:04
09 It Ends 2: End Harder (Piano) 3:33
10 The Salt Factory (Piano) 4:30


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