Icon human Bit Brigade
Icon cd Zelda
Icon label Hello Sir Records (SIR-030)
Icon calendar 2014

Tracklist Edit

1. Title

2. Select Screen

3. Overworld

4. Dungeon

5. Triforce

6. Dark Golden Land/Overworld (Zelda 2)

7. Dark World Dungeon

8. Tal Tal Heights

9. Sanctuary Dungeon

10. Battle

11. Temple of Time

12. Dark Mountain Forest

13. Hyrule Castle

14. Epilogue

15. Temple

16. Turned into a Rabbit!

17. Church

18. Overworld (Link's Awakening)

19. Great Temple

20. Title (Zelda 2)

21. Death Mountain/Dungeon Reprise

22. Ganon's Message/Battle with Ganon

23. Final Fanfare

24. Ending

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