Everything began when the guitar players of the band, André and Rodrigo, met at the corridors of their college. And they found that they had a common taste for video game music.

Rodrigo had some running projects (Cult Gaming) and already had made some remixes of games. The brothers André, Moisés Filho e Luciano, had already played some themes but nothing too serious, and they all had this wish in common to form a video game band and play some music of the games they like.

The idea never came to be realized until they had an opportunity to play at an event on the university in August 2006. So they prepared some themes to play. The public liked it. So did they. The enjoyable themes that had been a part of their childhood now can be spread in the shows and touch a lot of people. The first release album is called “The Song Remains the Game” (a joke with the Led Zeppelin album). The album was produced independently by the members of the band in November 2006.

After a several show in Brazil the band decided to Record the second album, the recordings were finished at August 2007, and the album was called “Altered Bit” (this time a joke with Sega classic Altered Beast).